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Chiba Peel S Slicer

“Peel S” has a great reputation for cutting “Katsuramuki” . When you rotate the handle, the blade slides left and

FD Style Mini Slicer & Grater

Three in one. A grater, a slicer, and a storage container. A handy companion for the home chef that appreciates

Turning Slicer

Comes with 3 Julienne blades.

Japanese Super Mandoline 95mm

Japanese Super Mandoline 95mm comes with3 julienne blades and finger guard.

Electric Slicer

Metal machine with non-slip base Extremely compact design, only a small surface area 45 – 170 Watt Eco Power Motion

Chiba Mini Peel S

The Peel S slicers are suitable for making sheets out of hard vegetables (i.e. daikon radish.)

Cook Helper Benriner

You can make your favourite style of salad using a Fine, Medium or Coarse blade. Each blade can create the masterpiece of various salads. Includes 3 Blades.

Gourmet Slicer

The Gourmet Slicer is a hand-held culinary tool that precisely slices various foods with speed, ease, and convenience into 2mm