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    Japanese Knife Company Profile

    Since 1998

    For over one thousand years Japan has been at the leading edge in the crafting of breathtaking blades. Today, using those traditional skills combined with modern technology Japanese Knife Company is proud to present the finest range of kitchen knives and accessories.


    The Japanese Knife Company – famous for introducing Ceramic blades to the UK as well as, laminated, hand-folded and bespoke blades – published its first website in 1998 and opened the first Hamonoya in Europe and now has three Branches in Central London as well as Stores in Paris & Stockholm. A knife studio where the customer could try the knives and receive educated guidance and help. With a definitive collection of Japanese blades – over 2000 different styles to chose from – expert advice on selecting the most suitable blade; an in-house sharpening service; lessons on cutting techniques and sharpening; an unparalleled range of sharpening systems, this is an absolute must for anyone seeking the best. As in a traditional Hamonoya, there is also a comprehensive selection of the finest handmade penknives and hobby knives, and other wonderful gift ideas.


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