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Soup Strainer 160mm

Perfect for making dashi from katsuobushi, niboshi and kombu. This strainer is made with a unique fine mesh rarely seen

Pouring Bowl And Strainer Set

Perfect for rinsing noodles and vegetables, washing rice, desalting and removing bitterness. The excess water flows out of the spout

Tea Strainer

The perfect size for a mug. Since it is set in a mug and used, tea can be easily brewed without

Bowl & Strainer Set

The size is just right for 3 go for rice and 2-3 servings for noodles. It’s short and can be placed

Punched Miso Strainer

Durable and easy-to-wash punched strainer that does not clog. The fine mesh strains all the miso away smoothly. It can

Woody Tea Strainer

The tea leaves can be strained well with double ami. You can adjust the amount of tea leaves and enjoy

Flat Strainer (3 Sizes)

Spread your food out in this flat strainer for a quick draining. The bottom of the footed strainer will not

Oval Mesh Strainer

A glove-shaped scooping colander that quickly scoops boiled vegetables and noodles at once. It is a compact size that can be used for small pots. The tip is flat so that it fits easily on the sides and bottom of the pot, and the depth makes it easy to scoop up the ingredients.
Size: W14×D30.5×H4.2cm
Material: 18-8 stainless steel

Strainer for 500ml bowl

Use it to drain canned foods and washed cherry tomatoes. An easy-to-use size that does not require you to get

Perforated Strainer

W19.2 × D34.2 × H3.7cm
18-8 stainless steel

Triangle Conical Strainer ∅18 cm Fine

  • Material:- Stainless steel
  • Plastic Handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Solingen/Germany.”

Separating Strainer 140mm

This strainer is perfect for boiling two types of food with different cooking times in one pot. Use it for

Strainer & Sieve 194mm

Perfect for pureeing sweet potatoes, potatoes and pumpkins. It can also be used to sift dry ingredients for baking. Hang

Fine Mesh Strainer Fine Mesh Strainer

Fine Mesh Strainer Additional information Weight: 0.051kg Dimensions: 23cm(L) x 7.8cm(W) x 4.6cm(H)