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Prep Bowl (3 Sizes)

A bowl with a pour spout that is small enough to fit on one hand. It is perfect for serving

Mini Whisk

Perfect for mixing natto, eggs and dressings. A mini whisk for mixing finely, ideal for use with small bowls and

Oil Brush

Perfect for applying oil evenly in the necessary amount to omelet pans, electric griddles and takoyaki pans. Dimensions: W2.5 ×

Can Opener

This product can be used for various purposes such as opening cans, opening bottles, punching and pulling off caps It

Measuring Spoon

Measure a tablespoon and teaspoon with a single spoon. You can find it easily in your drawer without spoons separating

Silicone Spatula (3 Sizes)

The spatula neatly scrapes off seasonings and ingredients out of the bowl. The tip can be replaced when it wears.

Pouring Bowl And Strainer Set

Perfect for rinsing noodles and vegetables, washing rice, desalting and removing bitterness. The excess water flows out of the spout

Slim Whisk

Perfect for whipping cream and egg whites. The slim whisk can be used with small bowls and prevents splattering. Thick

Tasting Spoon

Use it for tasting when cooking. The spoon has a long handle that does not get hot when scooping from

Funnel (2 sizes)

45mm- Dimensions:W4.5 × D8.5 × H3cm 78mm- Dimensions:W7.8 × D16 × H5.3cm

Punched Miso Strainer

Durable and easy-to-wash punched strainer that does not clog. The fine mesh strains all the miso away smoothly. It can

Oil Skimmer 140mm

The large mesh is perfect for draining oil from fried food. Great for cooking double-fried food such as fried chicken.


Easily mashes potatoes, sweet potatoes and boiled eggs. The masher has a shape that transmits power efficiently and can be

Flour Sifter

An approx. 75ml shaker for flour and starch. It has a lid convenient for storing and it is short so

Spice Sifter

An approx. 75ml shaker for salt and roughly ground pepper. It has a lid convenient for storing and it is

Bowl with angled sides 500ml

A useful bowl for easy food preparation with a pouring spout for convenient pouring or draining – perfect for making


Since the scooping part is wide, it is convenient to scoop up plenty of flour, cereals, etc. from the bag. It

Package Cutter

You can open the retort pouch just by sandwiching it and sliding it sideways. This is convenient when your hands get

Tea Strainer

The perfect size for a mug. Since it is set in a mug and used, tea can be easily brewed without

Bowl & Strainer Set

The size is just right for 3 go for rice and 2-3 servings for noodles. It’s short and can be placed

Bacon press

By pressing and baking, the passage of fire is quick and the bacon is baked with a pin and has

Oil Brush Replacement Head

Replacement head for the oil brush. Perfect for applying oil evenly in the necessary amount to omelet pans, electric griddles

Serving Fork

Perfect for serving food. The fork can drain excess liquid from soupy foods when serving. Use it with the spoon

Serving Spoon

Perfect for serving food. The wide and flat spoon fits with the plate and is easy to scoop with. Use

Meat Tenderizer

Tenderize any tough meat by hammering it with this meat tenderizer. It prevents the meat from shrinking when grilling. Meat

Serving Tong 250mm

The thin head can peel off thin foods such as raw ham. The spatula-like shape makes mixing easy. The soft

Relish Tong 120mm

Perfect size for topping food with katsuobushi or pickled red ginger. It can also be used as a tong for

Punched Skimmer 74mm

Perfect for skimming hot pots and stew. The punched holes will not clog, and skimmed fat and impurities can be

Ladle with Satin Finish (3 Sizes)

Small (71mm): Capacity: 30ml/ Dimensions: W7.1 × H21.8cm Medium (82mm) : Capacity: 50ml/ Dimensions: W8.2 × H25.6cm Large (92mm) :

Frying Ring Mould

The ring will keep the shape of kakiage, even with a small batter, and can make a thick piece. Two

Soup Strainer 160mm

Perfect for making dashi from katsuobushi, niboshi and kombu. This strainer is made with a unique fine mesh rarely seen

Separating Strainer 140mm

This strainer is perfect for boiling two types of food with different cooking times in one pot. Use it for

Round Food Tray (3 Sizes)

Place meats and vegetables on it while cooking your meal or bring it to your dinner table as a tray.

Flat Strainer (3 Sizes)

Spread your food out in this flat strainer for a quick draining. The bottom of the footed strainer will not

Strainer for 500ml bowl

Use it to drain canned foods and washed cherry tomatoes. An easy-to-use size that does not require you to get

Portioning Bowl (3 Sizes)

Bowl for preparing seasonings. Weighing the ingredients beforehand will allow you to cook efficiently. This hygienic bowl has no rim

Drip Pot

A kettle with which you can pour enough hot water to fill mugs and coffee cups for one person up

Strainer & Sieve 194mm

Perfect for pureeing sweet potatoes, potatoes and pumpkins. It can also be used to sift dry ingredients for baking. Hang

Measuring Spoon (1cc -2.5cc)

Measure in units smaller than a teaspoon (5cc) such as 1cc or 2.5cc. Convenient for when measuring small amounts of