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Mojito R-Evolution

Molecular mixology kit Freshen up your party with the ultimate mojito experience! Deconstruct your mojito into floating mint caviar and spectacular foams or encapsulate your favourite cocktail into a sphere that will explode in your mouth. Experience the unexpected with three easy molecular recipes that bring cutting-edge mixology into your home bar. Syllabus: Natural texturing agents can now be used to deconstruct your favourite cocktail. MOJITO BUBBLES: Encapsulate your mojito into a large sphere that will burst in your mouth CLOUD OF SUGAR: Top your mojito with a light, tasty sugar foam SUSPENDED MINT CAVIAR: Create spectacular floating caviar by reshaping your mint leaves Content: - 3 food additives (10 sachets) - 2 pipettes - 1 slotted spoon - 1 silicone mold - 1 booklet with 3 molecular mojito recipes List of the additives included: 4 sachets / net 20g - Calcium Lactate 4 sachets / net 8g - Sodium Alginate 2 sachets / net 4g - Soy Lecithin

Food Styling R-Evolution

Unleash the full potential of your culinary creativity! MOLECULE-R is giving foodies worldwide the food styling toolset they’ve been waiting for for years: from tweezers to scissors, from the syringe to scalpel, each high-quality tool has been carefully designed and engineered to make styling your culinary creations at home easier than ever. The kit comprises 11 easy-to-use tools and accessories, each with its designated compartment in the minimalistic, space-efficient included box. Contents: 1 pair of precision tweezers 1 pair of fine scissors 1 scalpel with 2 blades 1 culinary syringe 2 syringe tips 1 oil mister 2 spatulas

Culinary Syringe

This beautifully designed syringe is both a marinade injector and a food styling tool.