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Tojiro DP VG10 Kiritsuke

VG10 stainless steel 3 Layers blade Hardness HRC 60+ /- 1 Reinforced laminated material handle Made in Japan

Artisan Kiritsuke

Fully Handmade / Pro Collection High-Speed Powder Steel 3 Layers/ well balanced blade Hardness 64 HRC + /- 1 Laminated Rosewood Made in Japan

OUL Ginsan Kiritsuke 150mm

Fully Handmade Ginsan Steel (Silver paper) Stainless Steel 3 Layers blade Hardness HRC 62+ /- 1 Octagonal traditional handle Made in Japan

Seiryu Blue Dragon Limited Series Set

Premium Limited Set Only 50 Sets in the World Fully Handmade with Perfection ZDP189 Powder Steel Core Rockwell Hardness 66 HRC + /- 1 Stainless Steel Blade Blue Dragon Acrylic Handle Special Mosaic Pin Made in Japan