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Morsoe Casted-Aluminium CASSEROLE 24cm (3.4L)

Casserole, 3.4 litres, made of cast aluminium. The casserole is lined with a 3-layer non-stick inside coating to reduce the

Cristel Stainless stewpot – Fixed Castel’Pro (3 sizes)

Stainless steel stewpot 5-ply Castel’Pro collection with stainless steel lid, gloss mirror finish with 5-layer thermo-diffuser base, stainless steel cast

Castel’Pro Cooking Pot (Stock Pot)

18/10 stainless cooking pot, mirror finish, stainless rod grips, and rounded stainless lid with stainless rim. Fixed Castel’Pro cooking pots come in three

Carbon Graphite Pot

ANAORI CARBON POT OVAL Made completely by hand from a single block, the OVAL two-handed pan that is just the right