The shape is basically a small Sujihiki or slicing knife. As the name suggests it is a multi-function knife used for the preparation of vegetables and precise cutting of meat and fish. The slim profile presents a smaller area to fatty, oily and starchy foods where a wider blade would create a stronger vacuum and ‘stick’ more to the food.  

Function – Multipurpose for preparing all food groups. A favourite knife of many home cooks who are uncomfortable with large blades.

Normal length – 150mm

Tip: This knife is also used for carving petite roasts, filleting and skinning fish as well as careful dissection of poultry without hitting bones. An extremely useful size for any kitchen. 


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Tamahagane 35 Layers Utility 120mm

This small utility knife is ideal for everyday tasks; the classical pointed tip makes easy work of tricky jobs such

Tamahagane 35 Layers Utility 150mm

The 150mm Utility is amongst the most heavily used blades in western domestic kitchens. It is comfortable for those who