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Gyoza Recipe

Derived from Chinese cuisine these Pot Stickers are an ideal starter or snack.


200g Minced pork – substitute with chicken, crab, or prawn if you want

Finely shredded cabbage – to taste (2/3 cup)

Finely chopped green onion – to taste (2 tbsp.)

Minced garlic – to taste (1/2 tsp.)

Minced ginger – to taste 91/2 tsp)

1 tbsp. Sake (1 tbsp.)

1 tbsp. Soy (1 tbsp.)

1 tsp. Sesame oil

Salt & pepper

Gyoza pastry

(Alternatively use a pastry of 170ml water to 200g strong flour kneaded to a soft dough, rested, and then rolled into circles of 8 cm)

Pour boiling water over the shredded cabbage in a colander. Mix the ingredients well.

Put a spoonful of the mixture into a circle of pastry and wet one side (1/2 circle) fold it into a Gyoza parcel and pinch and overlock.

Get a frying pan very hot add a little oil and fry Gyoza on one side until brown. Then add a little water and cover and steam for a few minutes

Serve with a sauce of equal amounts of Soy and vinegar




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