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Angle Guide for Sharpening on Stone

This angle guide is for those who are not familiar with knife sharpening, this makes it easy to sharpen the

320 Grits Grinding Pro Stone


Shapton's Traditional Series Stone is the original "Splash 'n Go" Sharpening Stone. Just pull out your stone, use the convenient field case and holder to plant your stone in place, splash water on your stone and start sharpening in under a minute! The Shapton Traditional Stones are available in 10 Grit sizes, easily identifiable by their individual colours. This large variation in grit sizes ensures plenty of ways to sharpen your tools, allowing you to remove old material with a coarser (lower number) grit, or polish and finish an edge with a finer (higher number) grit. Got a plane or a chisel that needs sharpening? perhaps a pair of scissors? Then the Shapton Traditional stones are the stones for you!


320 Grits Glass Stone

Material: The stones are made by using abrasives such as WA and an inorganic compound binder. Most of man-made stones