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Cristel Removable Strate Lid (Flat glass)

Flat glass lid, stainless rim, Removable Strate. Flat and with no button, the Removable Strate lid is easy to store. As it is made

Cristel Stainless saucepan – Removable Strate

18/10 stainless saucepan, brushed finish, removable handle, from the Removable Strate collection. Strate saucepans are a must for your kitchen and come in five sizes:

Cristel Stainless saucepan – Fixed Castel’Pro

Castel’Pro 5-ply stainless steel saucepan, glossy mirror finish with 5-layer thermo-diffuser base, fixed cast iron handle. Internal graduations. The 5

Cristel Aluminium frying pan – Castel’Pro

Aluminium frying pan, stainless handle and Excelliss®+ PFOA-free non-stick coating. Castel’Pro Ultralu frying pans with fixed handle come in four

Cristel Stainless Lid – Fixed Castel’Pro

DESCRIPTION Lid of the Castel’Pro collection in 18/10 stainless steel mirror-polished and dimensionally stable. Wide handle in solid stainless steel

Cristel Handle – Removable Mutine (11 Colours available)

The latest of Cristel removable handles, Mutine handles are primarily for stainless cookware from the Removable Mutine collection, but can also be used

Cristel Rounded rounded glass Lid – Castel’Pro Lid

Glass and stainless Castel’Pro lid. Glass lid with stainless steel rim. Cristel-stamped stainless button. CHARACTERISTICS Castel’Pro lid: Fixed handle Rounded

Stainless Universal Steam Cooking Insert- Removable Strate (2 Sizes)

Removable Strate brushed stainless universal steam cooking insert. Universal steam cooking inserts can be adapted to fit three sizes of saucepans, cooking pots

Cristel Stainless Frying Pan Non Stick- Removable Strate (5 sizes)

18/10 stainless frying pan with removable handle, brushed finish and Excelissnon-stick coating. Removable Strate collection. Removable Strate non-stick frying pans come in five sizes: 20, 22, 24,

Castel’Pro Cooking Pot (Stock Pot)

18/10 stainless cooking pot, mirror finish, stainless rod grips, and rounded stainless lid with stainless rim. Fixed Castel’Pro cooking pots come in three

Stainless Pasta Cooking Insert – Removable Mutine

Removable Mutine mirror finish 18/10 stainless pasta cooking insert. Perfectly suited for use with CRISTEL cooking pots, to cook pasta the right

Cristel Stainless stewpot – Fixed Castel’Pro (3 sizes)

Stainless steel stewpot 5-ply Castel’Pro collection with stainless steel lid, gloss mirror finish with 5-layer thermo-diffuser base, stainless steel cast