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Two wheel water sharpener M150

Undoubtedly the most popular of all our easy to use systems, this system is both versatile and effective. This is

Three wheel water sharpener M152

Three wheel water sharpener with 2 ceramic wheels (white & pink) and 1 diamond wheel to grind edge faster. Features:

Three wheel water sharpener

Three wheel water sharpener. Blue course ceramic wheel. White Sharpening ceramic wheel. Pink Sharpening Ceramic Wheel.

KC100 – One wheel sharpener

The Ceramic Water Wheel Sharpener is the ideal solution to the tricky challenge of finding the precise angle to re-hone

Wheel Sharpener for Sushi Blades KC110

This Sharpener is only for single beveled knives. All the traditional knives collections (Sushi Knives) are single beveled except the