Skeppshult Spice/Pepper mil

The cast iron base and the Walnut wooden lid, add to the mill new wave looks. The adjustable cutting scale allows us to cut the grain spices in the thickness that we need. The top of the mill can be used as a spice container after the grinding. That container keeps the cut spices fresh for the long time. -Swedish spice mills -8.5 cm. height -Cast iron body -Walnut wood lid -Carton gift box Made in Sweden.

Skeppshult Salt/Pepper mil

Skeppshult Pepper Mill can be used as a pepper and other spices mill. We avoid using that mill for salt in order to not roast the cast iron with the salt humidity. The cast iron body and wooden handle give to the mill traditional looks. The cast iron cutters allow us to cut the grains of spices without losing the smells & the freshness. -Multipurpose kitchen shear -Special formula stainless steel -Friodur ice-hardened -Micro serration -Bottle opener -Screw top opener -Lid lifter -Blister gift package Made in Sweden.

Skeppshult Mortar & Pestle

For grinding, pestling and triturating. Made from cast iron for reliable grinding. Wooden handle Care: Keep it dry after use Made in Sweden.

Skeppshult Sea Salt Pot

Skeppshult Sea Salt Pot can be used as a salt dispenser. The cast iron body and wooden handle give to the salt dispenser traditional looks. Together with the pepper mill SK74 this item could be the right spice sets for your table. -Swedish salt dispenser -12 cm. height -Cast iron body -Wooden handle -Carton gift box Made in Sweden

Skeppshult Salt/Pepper Pot

Skeppshult Salt & Pepper Pots can be used as a dispenser salt & pepper set. The cast iron body and wooden cap gives a traditional aspect. Made in Sweden.