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Two wheel water sharpener M150

Undoubtedly the most popular of all our easy to use systems, this system is both versatile and effective. This is

KC100 – One wheel sharpener

The Ceramic Water Wheel Sharpener is the ideal solution to the tricky challenge of finding the precise angle to re-hone

Three wheel water sharpener

Three wheel water sharpener. Blue course ceramic wheel. White Sharpening ceramic wheel. Pink Sharpening Ceramic Wheel.

Three wheel water sharpener

Three wheel water sharpener with 2 ceramic wheels (white & pink) and 1 diamond wheel to grind edge faster. Features:

Wheel Sharpener for Sushi Blades KC110

This Sharpener is only for single beveled knives. All the traditional knives collections (Sushi Knives) are single beveled except the