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Three wheel water sharpener

Three wheel water sharpener. Blue course ceramic wheel. White Sharpening ceramic wheel. Pink Sharpening Ceramic Wheel.

Course Diamond Steel for Professionals

Grade: Coarse diamond. Thick coating for longer endurance. Recommend use: Heavy professional use. Knife Type: European knives and Japanese knives

Three wheel water sharpener

Three wheel water sharpener with 2 ceramic wheels (white & pink) and 1 diamond wheel to grind edge faster. Features:

400/1200 Grits Combination Stone

This stone has nodules specially designed to cut very hard alloys like VG10, Aogami, High Speed & Powder Steel that

320 Grits Grinding Pro Stone


Shapton's Traditional Series Stone is the original "Splash 'n Go" Sharpening Stone. Just pull out your stone, use the convenient field case and holder to plant your stone in place, splash water on your stone and start sharpening in under a minute! The Shapton Traditional Stones are available in 10 Grit sizes, easily identifiable by their individual colours. This large variation in grit sizes ensures plenty of ways to sharpen your tools, allowing you to remove old material with a coarser (lower number) grit, or polish and finish an edge with a finer (higher number) grit. Got a plane or a chisel that needs sharpening? perhaps a pair of scissors? Then the Shapton Traditional stones are the stones for you!


220/1000 Grits Combination Stone

220/1000 Grits Combination Stone

220 Grits Grinding Stone


The rough side (vitrified) has 220 grits. Perfect for those that need the aggression of the 220 grit for occasional establishing of a new edge or for those that sharpen both western and Japanese knives regularly. Remember the 220grit side is not for everyday use and will wear faster. Model Characteristics Stone construction - 220 grains per sq. cm. Cleaning - NOT RECOMMENDED for Dishwasher. Hand wash with toothbrush - mild detergent. Maintenance - Occasional light sanding with fine sand paper to achieve a flat surface. Recommended for - Any metal blade Storage & use - Dry and store in waterproof box. Use near the sink with a good water supply. Unit size - L 210mm X W 66mm X H 33mm Weight - 1.1 kg Country of Origin - Japan SPECIAL NOTES: This stone CANNOT be used on ANY Ceramic knives. Special price for online orders only. No professional discount available on this item.


120/1000 Grits Combination Stone

The rough side (vitrified) has 120 (shard shape) grits and the smooth (ceramic) 1000 (cone shape) grits. Perfect for those