This shape is primarily for peeling, paring or cutting in the hand rather than on a board. Used for tasks where a larger knife would be tricky or unsafe.

Function – Primarily for peeling and paring vegetables in the hand.

Normal lengths – 90mm to 135mm.

Tip: This knife is a MUST for every kitchen and the ideal partner to a larger chef’s knife.

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Miyabi 5000 MCD Paring 90mm

Premium Collection R2 Powder steel blade 101 layers blade CRYODUR ice-hardened Hardness HRC 64+ /- 1 Birchwood handle Steel end-cap & handle mosaic pin Made by MIYABI in Japan

Shoichi SG2 Paring 90mm

SG2 Stainless steel 3 Layers blade Hardness 64 HRC + /- 1 Laminated hard wood handle Made in Japan

Saji SG2 Blue Turqoise Paring 90mm

Made by Takeshi Saji san Fully handmade SG2 Powder Steel 101 Layers Blade Turquoise Handle Hardness 64 HRC + /- 1 Made in Japan