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Can Opener

This product can be used for various purposes such as opening cans, opening bottles, punching and pulling off caps It

Triangle Can Opener Black

  • Material:- Chrome-plated steel; blade DIN 1.4021 hardened; PP
  • Made in Solingen/Germany.”

Can Opener

The Z can opener: a compact, dual-purpose tool essential for outdoor adventures and disaster preparedness. With its ability to open both cans and bottles, it's a versatile addition to any kit. Canned goods opened with a can opener boast longer shelf lives compared to pull-top varieties, making them ideal for emergency food supplies. Keep a Z can opener handy at home, in your outdoor gear, or in your car for peace of mind during unexpected situations.

KitchenAid Can Opener Red

  • Dimensions: 21.000 x 8.800 x 3.800cm
  • Colour: Red
  • Handle Material: Plastic