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Sweet Morning Ebony

Marunao Spoon & Chopstick SetHandwash only

Pouring Bowl And Strainer Set

Perfect for rinsing noodles and vegetables, washing rice, desalting and removing bitterness. The excess water flows out of the spout

Bowl & Strainer Set

The size is just right for 3 go for rice and 2-3 servings for noodles. It’s short and can be placed

Drip Pot

A kettle with which you can pour enough hot water to fill mugs and coffee cups for one person up

Conte Tablespoon

    • Easy measurement angle
    • Easy mix length
    • Easy to wash thanks to shallow head
    • Dimensions-   a)  Teaspoon 5ml -  w35.5 x d196 x h15mm  b)  Teaspoon 15ml -  w49.5 x d213 x h21mm


Conte Otegaru Tongs

  • Dimensions - a)  w15 x d130 x h21mm  b) w18 x d150 x h21mm
  • Ideal for containers
  • A cinch with small bottles
  • For all items thin and small
  • Great for packing lunch
  • A good handful
  • Fantastic with crabs

Skeppshult Meat Tenderiser

Skeppshult Meat TenderizerMaterial: Cast IronMade in Sweden.

Flour Sifter

An approx. 75ml shaker for flour and starch. It has a lid convenient for storing and it is short so

Meat Tenderizer

Tenderize any tough meat by hammering it with this meat tenderizer. It prevents the meat from shrinking when grilling. Meat

Steamed Basket

Size: W21.5 × D19.5 × H4.5 cm
Material: 18-8 stainless steel (4 mesh)

Triangle Garlic Cutter & Press

  • Material:- Stainless steel
  • Made in Solingen/Germany.”

KitchenAid Basting Spoon

  • Dimensions: 7.200 x 4.500 x 33.600cm
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel

AdHoc Rapido Milk and Sauce Frother

Aerated drinks full of silky microbubbles from the cafe down the street or that drizzle of rich sauce at the

Perforated Strainer

W19.2 × D34.2 × H3.7cm
18-8 stainless steel

Round Food Tray (3 Sizes)

Place meats and vegetables on it while cooking your meal or bring it to your dinner table as a tray.

Soup Strainer 160mm

Perfect for making dashi from katsuobushi, niboshi and kombu. This strainer is made with a unique fine mesh rarely seen

Tsumam Mini Tong

  • Beautifully designed
  • Functional structure
  • Material -  Stainless Steel
  • Made in Japan

Salad Server Set

This is a series of kitchen tools and cutlery made of natural beech wood that is also used in Scandinavian furniture.
  •   Spoon size:- 242 x 53 x 21mm
  • Fork size:- 243 x 53 x 20 mm
  • Material: Beech Wood

Serving Tong 250mm

The thin head can peel off thin foods such as raw ham. The spetula-like shape makes mixing easy. The soft

Flat Strainer (3 Sizes)

Spread your food out in this flat strainer for a quick draining. The bottom of the footed strainer will not

Suncraft Strainer & Masher

Suncraft strainer & masher

Suncraft Strainer 33cm

Suncraft strainer 33cm

Veggie Tongs

Tooth Shaped Tongs and Spetula Shaped End Section, and a comfortable Fry. Open shooting with a wide, soft, frying pan

Punched Miso Strainer

Durable and easy-to-wash punched strainer that does not clog. The fine mesh strains all the miso away smoothly. It can

Suncraft Strainer – Spoon

Suncraft Strainer - Spoon

Hasam Tongs

Versatile tongs for pinching, draining, and scooping. With a hardness that makes it easy to sandwich ingredients, you can use the slit side down to drain the water from the food, or put the spoon down to serve the juice.
  • Dimensions- 72mm x  200mm x  37mm
  • Material -  Stainless Steel
  • Made in Japan

Saibashi Tongs

For cooking and garnishing food. Easy-to-use tong-type chopsticks. Delicate dishes can be served easily, and the edge of the handle is shaped to prevent it from slipping off the edge.
  • Dimensions-  66mm x  253mm x 16mm
  • Material -  Stainless Steel
  • Made in Japan

Suncraft Gravy Ladle 29cm

Suncraft Stainless-steel Gravy Ladle 29cm

Silicone Spatula (3 Sizes)

The spatula neatly scrapes off seasonings and ingredients out of the bowl. The tip can be replaced when it wears.

Suncraft Serving Fork 24cm

Suncraft serving fork 24cm