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Soft Cutting Boards – Commercial Use

Wood Core Soft Cutting Board: -Sturdy: Wood core prevents warping and bending from long-term use and high-temp washing. It is always

Turning Slicer

Comes with 3 Julienne blades.

PE Cutting Board

Lightweight and easy to handle Soft surface keeps the knife edge Non-slippery surface gives you more delicate cuts Wood core

Master Carving Tools (20 pieces)

Set includes 20 tools below: 1: Carving tool A1 2: Carving tool A2 3: Carving tool A3 4: Carving tool

Greaf Electric Slicer

Metal machine with non-slip base Extremely compact design, only a small surface area 45 – 170 Watt Eco Power Motion

Fondue Set

CRISTEL multi-fondue kit, brushed stainless steel. The multi-fondue kit can be entirely dismantled, for considerable space savings, and comes with a

Chiba Mini Peel S

The Peel S slicers are suitable for making sheets out of hard vegetables (i.e. daikon radish.)

Loop Tools C (8 pieces)

Set includes 8 tools below: 1: Loop tool M 2: Loop tool N 3: Loop tool O 4: Loop tool P 5: Loop tool L3 6: Loop tool R 7: Siam Knife 8: Ceramic sharpening stone