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Pruning Shear 195mm

  • For pruning
  • Screw joint
  • With rubber cushion to absorb impact.

Nishikagi Pruning Shear

  • The blade uses hard chrome plating that is resistant to tar and rust.
  • It has excellent surface strength and is easy to remove dirt.
  • The cutting edge has a mirror finish to achieve a smooth cutting edge with good bite.
  • The handle uses a lightweight aluminum handle.
  • The textured anti-slip effect and exquisite weight balance make it comfortable to use.
  • For pruning fruit trees and plants (general pruning)

Pruning Shear 200mm

  • Can be used for various pruning work for plants, flowers, bonsai, gardening, orchards, and fresh flowers.
  • Easy to remove screws
  • You can adjust the opening and re-sharpen simply by removing the locking nut.

Nishikagi Bud Shear 200mm

  • Hard chrome plating specification
  • mirror finish
  • Non-slip, lightweight aluminium handle

Carton Scissors

  • Size: 7.59 x 1.57 x 0.59 inches
  • Blade Length: 1.73 inches
  • Blade Material: Stainless steel
  • Handle: ABS resin

Ikenobo Shears- Stainless Steel

A pair of scissors designed for the traditional Japanese flower arrangement, also known as ikebana. The tradition dates back to

Flower Cutting Shears (SH-2)

Regular size shears, forged by hand, popular among seasoned as well as new gardeners. The handle is made of a natural

Okubo Shears T-5

These Okubo style scissors are hand forged in Sanjo in same way for over 2 centuries. Hand laminated Shirogami white paper

Ikenobo Shears

The Ikebana type of florists scissor is a crossover between a secateurs and a flower scissors and used extensively in

Mini Secateurs SM-1

These secateurs have a slim handle that is more suited for the small hands or more female delicate gardeners. The

Secateurs for Thick Branches T-22

These secateurs have a slim handle that is more suited to male or more delicate gardeners. The High Carbon steel