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High Carbon Knives set of 2

These ultra sharp knives are forged from a High Carbon Steel. This steel assures the sharpness of the knife is

Hokiyama Tsuchime Set Of 3

£407.00 £360.00
Set Include: 1x Hokiyama Tsuchime Santoku 180mm 1x Hokiyama Tsuchime Nakiri 165mm 1x Hokiyama Tsuchime 135mm

Tojiro Set of 4 with Block

£354.00 £318.60
Without a doubt our best entry level knife collection. Fantastic for culinary students and particular amateurs. A 3 Layer Warikomi construction with a High Carbon Super Steel (VG10) core and soft steel cladding make these knives a fantastic choice for anyone looking for super sharpness, enduring edges and easy maintenance. This would be a great knife at twice the price! Hardened to 60:62 HRC with Durawood handles. Set includes: 1x Paring 90mm 1x Utility 150mm 1x Santoku 170mm(multipurpose) 1x Meat Carving knife 210mm 1x Soft Touch Magnetic knife block (to store the knives on the block) Call us to add more /replace with other knife into the set(Bread knife/ Chef's knife) Note: Only 4 Tojiro knives are included with the block in the set. (Knives displayed on the magnetic block are only to show how the blades should be stored)

Hammer Knives Set of 2

£378.00 £340.00
Made in Seki by a small group of nokaji whose skills have been passed down over the course of 3

Takefu Aogami Set of 4

£1,186.00 £1,067.40
Set includes: 1x Utility 120mm 1x Bunka 165mm 1x Gyuto 210mm 1x Sujihiki 240mm Click the here to see the knife

Takefu Aogami Set of 2

£468.00 £421.20
Set includes: 1x Utility 135mm 1x Santoku 165mm

Kunio 17 Layers VG10 (set of 2)

£238.00 £235.00
Kunio 17 Layers VG10 (set of 20) Set include: Nakiri 160mm (Vegetables) Gyuto 180mm (Chef’s Multipurpose Knife)

Sakamoto Nakiri 165mm

Sakamoto Nakiri 165mm Note: These blades will oxidise if left damp or wet and should be dried immediately after washing

Takefu Aogami Set of 4 with Block

£1,286.00 £1,157.40
Set includes: 1x Utility 120mm 1x Bunka 165mm 1x Gyuto 210mm 1x Sujihiki 240mm 1x Magnetic knife block (to store