Stockpots are large, deep pots used to make anything from stock, soup, stew, chili, to boiling noodles, pasta, corn, vegetables, and seafood. Commonly made of stainless steel, Stockpots are available in a variety of sizes for general home use and larger sizes for commercial use. There are several different types of Stockpots and pot components and some are made in a multi-pot system of an outer pot that holds a slightly smaller inner steamer pot or strainer. They typically have two grip handles on either side to allow for easy lifting and removing from heat.

The width of many Stockpots will vary so when selecting, consider the value of having a wider rather than narrow width pot. The wider pot will allow for easier stirring, working with food ingredients, and cleaning. Wider widths may also be better for storage rather than having to store a taller standing pot. Materials used in the construction of our range of pots are comprised of stainless steel with an aluminum core for efficient and even heat transfer. Aluminum core pots will be heavier in weight and thicker in substance, which will assist with keeping foods from burning easily, a problem that may occur with lighter weight construction.

Casserole Pots are similar to stockpots but are typically shallower. It is also suitable for use in the oven as well as a serving dish. Usually made from uncoated or enameled cast iron, they can last for generations, and with excellent heat retention, are your secret weapon when it comes to cooking better for longer

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Cristel Stainless stewpot – Fixed Castel’Pro (3 sizes)

Stainless steel stewpot 5-ply Castel’Pro collection with stainless steel lid, gloss mirror finish with 5-layer thermo-diffuser base, stainless steel cast

Castel’Pro Cooking Pot (Stock Pot)

18/10 stainless cooking pot, mirror finish, stainless rod grips, and rounded stainless lid with stainless rim. Fixed Castel’Pro cooking pots come in three