The term “saucepan” encompasses a wide range of cooking pans these days, but in general, it is a deep pan, usually lidded and in a variety of sizes and materials for different cooking tasks. It is generally an all-rounder for preparing food – from soups and stocks to searing meat and boiling or steaming vegetables. Saucepans usually have a long handle on one side and can also feature a short grip on the opposite side to allow for easy lifting. Our range of saucepans comprises of a huge variety of shapes and sizes, some of them with detachable handles to allow for oven use and serving. A good quality stainless steel saucepan will have at least one inner core of aluminium to create even and speedy heat conductivity. Copper saucepans are also available.

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FD Style Deep 240cm

Niigata Iron Pans Welcome to the world of Japanese Iron Frying Pans Iron cookware has long been valued for its