Donabe (literally “earthenware pot”) are pots made from traditional Japanese clay for use over an open flame. Traditionally, food is often cooked at the table, such as shabu-shabu. Donabe pots are usually glazed on the inside and porous on the outside. Unlike a lot of earthenware cookware, Donabe pots can be used over an open flame as well as in the oven (ensuring that the outside of the pot is dry and the pot is gradually preheated beforehand). With proper use, these pots can last for decades, some even surviving for centuries. A newly acquired Donabe pot should be used to boil and simmer water for a few hours and thoroughly dried before being used for cooking. They are available in small sizes for individual use as well as large sharing sizes. It is said that rice cooked in a Donabe pot is better than any other cooking method.

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