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Premium Classic Zester Graters

Updated handles for a Classic Zester This version of the classic Microplane zester/grater has a premium soft-touch handle and non-scratch

Okubo Shears

These Okubo style scissors are hand forged in Sanjo in same way for over 2 centuries. Hand laminated Shirogami white paper

Iron Wok (27cm-36cm)

REN cookware is recognised in Japan as amongst the highest grade of home utensils available. Made in the ‘Sheffield of

Zuiun Gyuto (2 sizes)

Zuiun Gyuto (2 sizes)

Ikenobo Shears

The Ikebana type of florists scissor is a crossover between a secateurs and a flower scissors and used extensively in

Rice Straw Hand Brush

rice straw, curved traditional shape

Turning Slicer

Comes with 3 Julienne blades.

Japanese Super Mandoline 95mm

Japanese Super Mandoline 95mm comes with3 julienne blades and finger guard.

Adjustable Roasting Tray

Adjustable Roasting Tray (30×35)cm

Electric Slicer

Metal machine with non-slip base Extremely compact design, only a small surface area 45 – 170 Watt Eco Power Motion

Cast Aluminium Saute Pan (24cm)

Sauté pan, 24 cm, made of cast aluminium. The pan has high sides and Bakelite handle and is lined with

Cast Aluminium Casserole (24cm)

Casserole, 3.4 litres, made of cast aluminium. The casserole is lined with a 3-layer non-stick inside coating to reduce the

Cast Aluminium Saucepan (20cm)

Saucepan, 1.8 litres, made of cast aluminium with Bakelite handle. The saucepan is lined with a 3-layer non-stick inside coating

Fondue Set

CRISTEL multi-fondue kit, brushed stainless steel. The multi-fondue kit can be entirely dismantled, for considerable space savings, and comes with a

Ebony Espresso Cup and Saucer

The flowing striped pattern of ebony makes you feel the history. A cup and saucer that adds the beauty and shade

Carbon Graphite Pot

ANAORI CARBON POT OVAL Made completely by hand from a single block, the OVAL two-handed pan that is just the right