Cocktail Kit

  • Kit contains:
  1. Plastic Muddler
  2. 2 x Stainless Steel Pourers
  3. Professional Jigger
  4. 2 Ear Strainer
  5. Boston Can
  6. Boston Glass
  7. Standard Spoon with Masher
  • Weight:0.932kg
  • Dimensions35cm(H) x 10.1cm(D)

Freeflow Pourer Stainless Steel

Freeflow Pourer Stainless Steel High quality medium flow pourer Additional information Weight: 0.012kg Dimensions: 11.5cm(H) x 3cm(D)

Narrow Pourer Dust Cover Black

Narrow Pourer Dust Cover PK12 Additional information Weight: 0.005kg Dimensions: 6cm(L) x 1.5cm(D)

2 Piece Mexican Elbow B 2 Piece Mexican Elbow Black Squeezer

Mexican Elbow Lemon & Lime Squeezer Additional information Weight: 0.214kg Dimensions: 21.8cm(L) x 7.5cm(W) x 5.3cm(H)

Banded Jigger Antique Brass Plated

Antique Brass Banded Jigger 25ml/35/50ml *NGS For measuring spirits and other alcohols when making cocktails Includes an internal 35ml line

Collinson Spoon 450mm Ant Collinson Spoon 450mm Antique Brass Plated

Antique Brass 450mm Collinson Spoon Additional information Weight: 0.046kg Dimensions: 45cm(L) Range: Antique Brass

Double Reach Corkscrew

Double-reach Corkscrew Additional information Weight: 0.070kg Dimensions: 12cm(L) x 1.3cm(W) x 2.2cm(H)

Copper Plated Curved Moscow Mule Mug Brass Handle

Mezclar 500ml Curved Moscow Mule Mug Copper Plated Additional information Weight: 0.148kg Dimensions: 12.1cm(W) x 9.3cm(H) x 9.4cm(D) Range: Mezclar

BOSTON CAN SET SS 18oz Mezclar Tin & 28oz Shaker

Mezclar 18oz Tin (Boston Can) & 28oz Boston Can Set Stainless Steel Additional information Weight: 0.358kg Range: Mezclar

Mezclar Tulip 700ml Mixing Glass

Mezclar Tulip Mixing Glass 700ml Additional information NOT DISHWASHER SAFE SKU: 3922 Range: Mixing Glasses, Mezclar

Mezclar Mixing Glass 710ml

Mezclar Mixing Glass 710ml Additional information Weight: 0.342kg Dimensions: 8.8cm(L) x 17cm(H) x 8cm(D) Range: Mixing Glasses, Mezclar

Freeflow Pourer Copper Plated

Copper Medium Flow Pourer High quality medium flow copper pourer Additional information Weight: 0.013kg Dimensions: 11.6cm(H) x 3cm(D)

Fine Mesh Strainer Fine Mesh Strainer

Fine Mesh Strainer Additional information Weight: 0.051kg Dimensions: 23cm(L) x 7.8cm(W) x 4.6cm(H)

7 Stainless Steel TONG

7″ Ice Tongs Stainless Steel Weight: 0.033kg Dimensions: 19cm(L) x 2.2cm(W) x 2cm(H)

Jinza Jigger Stainless Steel 25/50ml

Mezclar Banded Jigger 25ml/35/50ml *NGS Stainless Steel For measuring spirits and other alcohols when making cocktails Improved design – includes

Mezclar Strainer Antique Mezclar Strainer Antique Brass Plated

Antique Brass Round Strainer Additional information Weight: 0.101kg Dimensions: 20.5cm(L) x 2.6cm(W) x 9.3cm(D) Range: Antique Brass

Round Strainer Stainless Round Strainer Stainless Steel

Round Strainer Stainless Steel Dimensions: 20.5cm(L) x 2.6cm(W) x 9.3cm(D) Range: Mezclar

Cocktail Shaker StSteel Deluxe Cocktail Shaker StSteel 750ml

750ml DeLuxe Cocktail Shaker Additional information Weight: 0.274kg Dimensions: 24cm(H) x 9.2cm(D)

28oz & 18oz Boston Can Set Copper Plated Shaker

Copper Weighted Tin on Tin Copper Plated 28oz and 18oz Boston Can Set Additional information Weight: 0.424kg Dimensions: 17.5cm(H) x 9.2cm(D) Range: Mezclar

28oz & 18oz Boston Can Set Antique Brass Plated Shaker

Antique Brass 18 oz Tin on 28oz Tin Set 28oz & 18oz Boston Can Additional information Weight: 0.417kg Dimensions: 17.5cm(H) x 9.4cm(D)

Beaumont Cocktail kit Copper 8 Piece

You can make a variety of cocktails with this Beaumont cocktail. The eight piece set includes two pourers, a jigger, cocktail spoon, cocktail strainer, muddler, and a Boston cocktail tin and glass.
  • Eight piece set includes everything you need for cocktail making
  • Copper plated for a sleek finish
  • Durable for heavy use
  • Easy to clean for quick turnover
  • Brand: Beaumont
  • Dimensions: 685(H) x 292(W) x 117(D)mm
  • Weight: 834g

Copper Plated Wine Cooler

Copper Plated Wine Cooler Additional information Weight: 0.527kg Dimensions: 20cm(H) x 11.8cm(D)