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Yamabiko Super Aogami

These Aogami Super knives are hand forged by master blacksmiths in Sakai – the home of Japanese sword making and location of the Japanese Knife Museum.  For centuries Sakai specialised in producing traditional single bevel knives, like the Yanagiba, Deba etc. The preferred steel of these outstanding blacksmiths has always been the traditional Yasugi steels – Aogami series being the highest grade.  

JKC is working with a small family run forge under the supervision of a master smith, Tsujibashi san. His experienced blacksmiths are cladding a bar of Super Aogami Blue Steel with 2 layers of soft iron steel and hammering these spectacular knives to create an incredibly sharp and easy to maintain blades. They are thinner and lighter than other similar blades like the JKC Super Aogami Damascus series making them perfect for slicing, dicing and chopping with amazing precision.

The handles are an octagonal Magnolia handles and secured with a Water Buffalo Horn ferrule for supreme comfort and a very traditionally Japanese aesthetic.

The black oxide surface after coming out of the fire during forging is not ground off but left on to reduce oxidisation of the outer layers called Kiruichi. However, it should be noted that these are very High Carbon traditional blades and WILL OXIDISE should be maintained with regular application of Camellia oil. Honing on a 5000 or 6000 Grit stone regularly will keep these knives razor sharp for years of use.

Hardness 62HRC and above. 

These blades will oxidise if left damp or wet and should be dried immediately after washing and oiled with a little vegetable oil or Tsubaki (Camelia oil available in the accessories section). These knives are very easy to sharpen on a KC100 Water Wheel, a diamond steel or a 1000 grit whetstone. 

Yamabiko Super Aogami

Yamabiko Super Aogami Utility 150mm

Yamabiko Super Aogami Nakiri 165mm

Yamabiko Super Aogami Santoku 180mm

Yamabiko Super Aogami Gyuto (210mm/240mm)

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