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Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot

Commonly known as a Tetsubin, this traditional teapot is a classic design invoking images of the Samurai warrior and his spiked armour. The strainer that is made from stainless steel is a European addition to the original Japanese design.

The Japanese Knife Company tetsubin is created in the finest traditions of Japanese iron casting. It is made from Bukera, an iron made in the traditional method of furnacing iron sand and charcoal in a clay 'pot' for three days and nights.

Allowing uninterrupted oxidisation, during the casting and cooling process, produces the black colour that is associated with a traditional tetsubin. This oxidised black layer prevents the tetsubin from rusting. The inside of this fine teapot is enamelled for hygiene and durability.

This delicate and beautiful teapot is the best-known example in the art of Japanese iron casting. With proper care it should give you many years of service and pleasure.


  • Construction - Cast Iron with an enamelled interior. Stainless Steel strainer
  • Cleaning - NOT RECOMMENDED for Dishwasher. Hand wash - mild detergent. No scouring. Dry IMMEDIATELY
  • Capacity - 4 Cups.
  • Country of origin - Japan

SPECIAL NOTE: NOT for use directly on a fire. Do not leave tea in the pots for long periods. A mineral deposit will build up on the inside.

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