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Kids Bento Geiko

The  Kokeshi Bento Kyoto  are two dolls boxes to meals that will please all lovers of traditional Japan.

  • Ninja , the gentle warrior, you know for sure!
  • Geiko , Maiko "accomplished" so to speak, carries a purple kimono and an elaborate headdress, a sign of his rank.

The  Kokeshi Bento  consist of two round compartments to accommodate a small meal or snack of your big blond head.The upper compartment has an airtight lid. 
The rotator Kokeshi turns into bowl, and allow you to prepare an instant soup! Thank you to drink soup before putting the bowl on the head of these adorable dolls bento. 
Size M.

Dimensions: 100 (diameter) x 130 (height) mm. 
Curb Weight: 210 g.


Bol: 240 ml - ABS-PET 
top box: 200 ml - ABS-PET 
Box bottom: 200 ml - ABS-PET

Bowl and compartments Material: ABS-PET 
The only upper compartment comes with an airtight lid tapering. Very handy for a salad. 
Comes with a  closing belt .

The compartments and bowl pass microwave and dishwasher safe (without the inner cover). 
Do not put it on the stove or in the oven. Made in Japan to  Ishikawa.

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Price: £24.00
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