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Oishi Collection

The remarkable skill of Japanese nokaji is epitomised by the exceptional beauty, outstanding performance and awesomely silky sharpness of what has come to be known as the Oishii Collection comprising four 73 layer Damascus knives.

There is no direct English translation for ‘oishii’. It is a declaration of delight upon tasting something unforgettably delicious; much more than ‘scrummy’, ‘oishii’ announces gustatory ecstasy and usually refers to the exquisiteness of culinary creations. This almost involuntary exclamation of ‘taste joy’ is a great tribute to the cook.

The bladesof this inimitable collection evoke delight, surprise and admiration in equal measure.

The Oishii Collection owe their bewitchingly intricate pattern to 72 alternating (nickel rich SUS 304 & SUS 410 soft ss) layers which cushion and protect the core of SKD 11, a high carbon (1.6%+) alloy tool steel, prized for its ability to take and hold an extremely keen edge.SKD 11 is capable of being tempered to great hardness, the Oishi knife edge averagesHRC 63 +/-1, making it potentially capable of out slicing the blades produced by nokaji of equal stature and prestige.

The combination of 3 different steels/alloys totalling 73 astonishingly delicate layers imbues a pattern of dazzling intricacy, as matt grey swirls against silver throughout the body of each blade.

The Oishii Collection handles are bolstered, triple riveted and composed of water and corrosion resistant pakka wood.

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