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Miyabi 5000DP Collection

Enjoyment begins at the preparation stage in Japanese cuisine. Knives are more than just tools: they are the carefully selected integral instruments of cooking rituals. Knives in the MIYABI 5000DP range add an additional charming facet to this ritual.


Each and every knife is unique. The extremely hard CMV60 steel core is encased in 64 layers of two kinds of steel of different hardness.

A special blade treatment creates the striking Damask flower pattern on each knife.

All knives are exceptionally carefully machined down to every last detail. In the hands of experienced masters, each blade is given authentic Japanese Honbazuke honing for scalpel-like sharpness: every blade is sharpened twice by hand on rotating grindstones before being polished on a leather wheel.

With their traditionally Japanese D-shape, the dimensionally stable and easy care Micarta handles feel balanced when held.

The traditional “D-handle” allows tireless working in all cutting techniques.

The ”mosaic pin“.

Knife with symmetric blade.


CMV60 steel is a particularly hard and tough steel: the base for sharpness and sharpness retention that cannot be achieved with conventional knife steels. A special hardening process enables the steel to reach its full potential. CRYODUR ® blades provide outstanding and long-lasting hardness (around 60 Rockwell), consistently excellent cutting performance, corrosion resistance and blade flexibility.

  • Blade core made of CMV60 steel embedded in 64 layers of stainless steel.
  • CRYODUR® blade, hardened using a specially developed process (including ice-hardening at -196° C) to guarantee extreme hardness.
  • Authentic Japanese blade profile.
  • Symmetrical blade with ultra-sharp Honbazuke honing.
  • Dimensionally stable, traditional "D-shaped" Micarta handle for perfect balance, optimum control and fatigue-free cutting using all cutting techniques; a superior appearance in black wood and high-grade stainless steel.

Ideal knives for the preparation of any dish that requires precise cutting – not just in Japanese cuisine.

Cleaning & Care 

We recommend carefully washing by hand under running (NEVER in the dishwasher), lukewarm water with a mild detergent and a scratch-free cloth or sponge. Dry knives immediately. Do not leave your knives wet or dirty for any length of time to avoid discolouration or rust.

Wooden or plastic cutting boards are kinder to the cutting edge of your knife than those made of materials such as glass, granite or ceramic. Chopping on very hard surfaces like glass, granite or ceramic can damage or dull the blade, making it feel blunt. In this case, immediately sharpen your knife to straighten the edge again.

Miyabi 5000DP Collection

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