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Magnetic Knife Guards

Professional magnetic knife guards have been designed to help maintain your knife's sharp edge. Simply open the guard, place the blade on the brown magnetic interior - with the edge ALWAYS facing the hinge - and close shut for secure , safe storage.

We recommend extreme caution at all times while using the product - particularly when handling or on insertion and removal of the blade from the guard. Always make sure the blade is placed fully on the magnet with edge edge facing inwards towards the hinge and not overlapping the edges.

These universal blade guards can simply be trimmed to the blade length using scissors. There are three sizes available.


  • Easily cut guards to desired blade length
  • Protects you and your precious blades
  • Easy identification of correct knife
  • Great for safely transporting blades 
  • Magnetic power that never fades.

Magnetic Guards

Magnetic Blade Guard Paring/Utility(Up to 150mm)

Large Magnetic Blade Guard Santoku/Gyuto/Nakiri(Up to 260mm)

Magnetic Blade Guard Medium size (Up to 250mm)

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