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Laguiole Carving Sets

The first Laguiole knives were inspired by the Arabo-Hispanic knife, the Navaja. Local men who migrated to Spain in winter as pit-sawyers brought this knife back as souvenirs. Local cutlers and tinkers blended the Navaja with a local knife of the time, the Capouchadou, thus creating what came to be known as the Laguiole.

1840 : The first awls appeared to help shepherds pierce the skin of sheep that had bloated from eating too much green grass. 
1880 : The corkscrew made its début, in response to the demands of men from northern Aveyron who had gone to Paris to work as waiters in cafés. 
The shepherd’s cross which is set in the handle acts as a rosary. The knife was planted upright in the bread with the cross facing front. Shepherds, who spent many months on the high summer grazinAg lands, far from any churches, were thus able to do their daily prayers.

Handmade by Laguiole en Aubrac, a family run coutellier since 1872, they have been producing the finest cutlery that graces the tables of discerning homes, fine restaurants and ambassadorial as well as royal households across the globe. It takes 42 separate hand processes by the most experienced blacksmiths and artisans to craft every knife. High Carbon Stainless Steel from Scandvic of Sweden is forged by anvil and fire into a blade of ultimate functionality that is married to handles crafted from sustainably sourced hard woods, stag or buffalo horn and then embellished with chisel engraved designs along the tang to create table knives that are works of art and destined to become heirlooms. Each handle also has the ‘shepherds cross’ pattern hand riveted that is the mark of a true Laguiole knife. These knives are sold in sets of 6 and presented in a black wooden box for storage and protection over generations of ownership. A cow hide wallet is also available for a small additional cost. Each knife can be discreetly engraved with 3 letters, a family crest or logo for personalisation at no extra cost.

Laguiole Carving Sets

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