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JKC Membership Discount

Membership Perks 

  • 10% Off cashback of purchasing knives & accessories
  • Special invitations to exclusive JKC events 
  • Chef’s only special offers 

* Offers cannot be combined with any other promotions or pre-existing benefits. 
All members are required to submit at least 2 forms of professional identification listed below (everytime placing an order):

  • Official business card
  • Previous Payslip from work
  • Student ID card from culinary industry
  • A letter from business owner mentioning the position (on official letterhead).

We can call on the given workplace contact number for confirmation. 

No discount will be given if the information is not accessible/true.

Please fill in the form every time you place an order and we will refund 10% of the total amount of the order once we receive payment.

JKC Membership will be applied if form is filled within 14 days of the purchase date.


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