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Gold Kitano Collection

Made in a small workshop in the outskirts of Osaka in an area close to Sakai these 3 layer knives have a  central core of VG10 No1. A compact range it represents the 4 most popular shapes.

These knives are fully roll forged from a thicker blank than our Warikomi Collection (which uses the same steel). Therefore greater pressure was required to achieve a similar eventual thickness. This extra pressure has resulted in a slightly denser blade with a more aligned molecular structure which will stay sharper longer and is equally easy to resharpen. The hardness after final quenching is an outstanding 60:62 HRC. This is a good alternative to our Tamahagane Collection if a Multi-layered Damascus blade is not a priority.  The handle is crafted from pakkawood to further enhance the quality and ensure longevity.

Gold Collection

Gold Kitano 135 Utility

Gold Kitano 165 Nakiri

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