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Japanese Cuisine Modules

Japanese food is the cuisine of the moment. With the widespread insistence on healthy options stunningly beautiful and impressive Japanese dishes are proving overwhelmingly popular. Whilst the number of Japanese eateries is rapidly increasing it is still hard to find accessibly priced good quality Japanese food in the UK. Japanese Knife Company is proud to give everyone the opportunity to create the finest elements of Japanese cuisine in the home.

Your tutor is Jay who has worked in Izikaya’s (Japanese home cooking restaurant) in Tokyo and around Japan and studied the art of knife making under 3 Red Sun Awarded knife smiths. Jay’s expertise in the field of Japanese cuisine and knife sharpening has helped to establish Japanese Knife Company as the authority on blades and sharpening in the UK.

 With the increase of Japanese influence on Modern European Cuisine, he regularly gives tutorials on traditional Japanese cooking methods to European chefs working in restaurants such as The Sanderson, St. Martins, No.1 The Aldwych, Claridges amongst others.

The basic modules are available in four parts taking between 5 & 6 hours each.

The basic modules are as follows:

Sushi and Sashimi

Stocks, Soups and Sauces - the building blocks


Home cooking

All four modules can be taken over 2 - 3 days or any combination you prefer. We can conduct the course at your kitchen if based in or around central London. This way you use the same utensils and heat source that you would normally use, which will make your understanding and future cooking a lot easier. A further benefit is that you can invite some guests for dinner on the night of your lesson so that the food you have prepared can be shared and enjoyed with your friends. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can come to our kitchen in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea.


Sushi & Sashimi

The course will cover the following:


Selecting the ingredients

Making the perfect Sushi rice

Making the Sushi rice seasoning

Rolling Maki Rolls

Making Nigiri Balls

Cutting (Maki & Sashimi)

 Stocks, soups & sauces

Basic Japanese stocks –– the fundamental foundation and used in virtually all Japanese cooking.


Sauces and marinades – to a Japanese flavour to any meal.

Using the sauces and marinades in traditional Japanese cooking.


Japanese Home Cooking 

This is best done with or after a basic ‘building block’ module

Meat, fish and vegetable dishes traditionally enjoyed at home.







The above can be broken down into individual modules for more advanced or detailed courses 



Each basic module £359 (individual tuition) – approx. 6 to 8 hours

£190 each person for two

£150 each person for three or more

Advanced modules (concentrating on specific techniques and understanding) – POA


All prices are exclusive of ingredients for which we request reimbursement on presentation of our receipt. We will make every endeavour to obtain all necessary ingredients at competitive prices.


We will bring/provide any equipment you may lack and sharpen any much-loved blunt blades.


Travel, if we are coming to you, transport costs are included for all London Post Codes. If you are outside, transport is charged at 50p per mile, both ways from W1 or reimbursement of the cost of public transport if it is more practical.

To book please telephone Rishit on 020 7224 2422 allowing at least one weeks notice.


Bookings will be made by a private arrangement according to Jay’s availability.


Knife Use – Cutting Techniques and Sharpening the Japanese Way


1) Jay introduces keen cooks to the safest and most effective way to use this most essential of kitchen tools.

2) He will introduce you to techniques which not only enable you to provide attractively presented dishes, but also give you the building blocks to cut with the ease of a truly seasoned professional, allowing comfort, confidence and with practice, greater speed and efficiency, performing what should be the most enjoyable of kitchen tasks – carving, slicing, mincing, dicing, boning, filleting will all be studied, not just demonstrated.

3) We will assist you in choosing the very best shapes and sizes of blades for your specific needs. We do not believe in
encouraging people to buy knives in large sets – a rather clever European marketing tool that leaves many people with a many blades they never use, so effectively 80% of the money spent has been wasted – most people say they tend to use only 2 knives from any given set and then find themselves having to buy again for specific requirements.

4) Jay will teach you how to get the very best from your blades – this is comprised of

The rules of knife care:

The essential and fundamental principles of knife sharpening. This can be adapted according to where your natural skills lie. For example, if you already use a whetstone he will reveal some treasured tips on how to use your stone to best effect and how to acquire and maintain smoothness on any good quality blades without needing to use special equipment. If you do not use a stone but are blessed with manual dexterity he will introduce you to the principles of whetstone use so that you can acquire fine edges at home with ease. If you happen to be somewhat clumsy in that particular department he will help to solve the eternal problem of sharpening at home easily and effectively.

5) Any specific cutting requirements you may have, just ask.


We also provide tutorials in Knife Skills (approx. 2 to 3 hour) @ £199 for 1 person, £149 per person for 2 people.

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