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Athro Collection

The Athro Collection is a true reflection of the Japanese ethos – minimalism in perfect harmony with form & function. There are only 2 knives in this collection. A Santoku multi-purpose knife and its Utility partner. These knives fulfil a majority of the demands of the home cook looking to declutter their space by replacing myriad blades with just 2 culinary tools offering breath taking sharpness, enduring edges and exceptionally easy maintenance. 

These knives are hand forged from a 101 Layer Damascus in the ‘Typhoon’ pattern incorporating 100 layers of soft Nickel steel protecting the High Carbon Cobalt toughened core. To further increase the performance of these phenomenal knives we commissioned Athro to replace the mass produced VG10 he normally uses as the centre core with a custom made Powder VG10 by the small Daido Steel Mill. This rare alloy has far smaller carbides resulting in a material capable of holding a dreamily silky edge which endures beyond its ordinary VG10 cousins as well being easily maintained with a few strokes of regular 'stropping'. We felt that the increased cost of this exceptional steel was justified by the increased performance required to meet the criteria demanded by JKC from such a beautiful and exceptional tool. The hardness achieved after final quenching of the unique JKC central cutting core is 62:64 HRC (2 degrees more than the normal commercial models which, with the appropriate cutting surface & technique, will achieve as much as 50% longer edge endurance)

In conclusion, these fine blades have the most ergonomic, smooth and seamless handles which are crafted from a resilient laminated hardwood injected with silicon resin for endurance and then hand married to every knife.

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