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Aka Series R2 Powder Steel

Terukazu Takamura is a 3rd generation blacksmith working from his small workshop, with another 7 blacksmiths, in Takefu Village, Fukui Prefecture. This team of outstanding blacksmiths have been making hand-forged knives of the highest quality. Very demanding chefs all over the world swear by these ‘uber’ knives and many say that they are the sharpest knives with the most enduring edges that they have ever found.

The super thin blades are forged from 3 layer steel with R2 Powder Steel core. With a hardness of 62:64 HRC the resulting knife is not only scary sharp but has inherited toughness that far exceeds knives of similarly hard steel. We often hear from regular users that you cannot feel the AKA knife cutting as it is so smooth it feels like cutting air!

The handles are a laminated hardwood with Silicon injection and extremely durable.

Aka Series R2 Powder Steel

Aka Series R2 Powder Steel Utility (130mm/150mm)

Aka Series R2 High Speed Santoku 180mm

Aka Series R2 Powder Steel Gyuto (180mm/210mm)

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